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  • Skellington's Revenge

    Skellington's Revenge


    This video is why I consider YouTube poop an art form.

  • Scoob!



    I feel like I should like this movie a lot more than I do because there's lots of things that this movie does that I actually really appreciate. I think the animation is really fantastic and cartoony, I like the idea of doing a Cinematic Universe with Hanna Barbera characters,the Shaggy and Scooby stuff that's in this movie is genuinely entertaining, if you're a huge nerd for Hanna-Barbera stuff this movie will make you squeal with all its Easter eggs…

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  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl

    Boy, A Wrinkle in Time 2 sure is looking fantastic.

  • Primal



    Before I start my review let me just say fuck the animation industry this decade for how they treated Genndy Tartakovsky. The guy is a legend among the animation industry and what do people do? They cancel his fantastic series Sym-Bionic Titan after one season for stupid reasons, force him to join the feature animation industry, not greenlit his movie passion project which was a Popeye movie and instead force him to make nothing but a Trilogy of mediocre Adam…