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  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie

    Tom and Jerry: The Movie


    When I was a little kid I Loved Tom and Jerry and I still do to this day. I remember watching it all the time back in the day on Cartoon Network I remember that my grandma had this movie on VHS and I was curious so I asked if I could watch and she said yes. At the time I really liked it mainly because of the fact that I thought it was kind of cool seeing Tom and…

  • Good Boys

    Good Boys


    Good Boys is the funniest movie I've that I have seen this year. It's also the most vulgar and raunchy movie I've seen all year. Like I can't think of the last time I watch a movie that was so proud of being so disgusting, raunchy or fucked up as this movie. If I were to describe this movie it would be a mix between Superbad and South Park specifically South Park's earlier seasons where the humor came from little…

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  • Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus

    Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus


    Despite the fact that the story recycle some parts from the comic overall this is a perfect Revival of Invader Zim that perfectly captures the insane tone as the original. I don't know I think it's as funny as some of my favorite episodes but this thing did have me laughing out loud lots of times especially at some gir moments. My only one complaint is they do something that throughout the series the show this character is oblivious to…

  • Big House Blues

    Big House Blues


    Not the best episode of Ren and Stimpy but it's the pilot so I can't be too harsh. The best of the show would yet to come in the first and second season of the show but this still has plenty good moments like the big sleep freak out and them getting run over by a truck. A funny cartoon overall but the best is yet to come with these characters.