Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

i dont know how to review this movie, and ill probably delete this review in a week. i didnt hate or even dislike it that much, and i can see why this is such a big hit, but i wouldnt say i liked it really at all either. i found the humor to be really bland for my taste and even childish at times. the themes dont come together and a lot of them feel underdeveloped. i didnt like the color choices/correction either. the blacks are super crushed and it looks really ugly. i was pleasantly surprised when a certain musician born under punches appeared though. i also liked the 10 seconds of animation. im curious how this will be at the oscars next year. like imagine a shitty host like amy schumer making really bad jokes about this movie and how much they don't get it lol. this review is almost entirely opinionated so id recommend a watch, partially because pretty much everyone everywhere all of them wont agree with me lol, including you. youll probably giggle at the funny bagel randomness and thats fine.

i think we can all agree though that raccacoonie is a shit name for the raccoon. i get it being the title of the movie, but it also being the name of the raccoon is just wrong. the rat in ratatouille isnt fucking named ratatouille. at least call him raccy or something.

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