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  • Haunt



    Haunt is a good mix of films like a very toned down Saw and Escape Room, and if you enjoy this type of genre than you will definitely be entertained by Haunt. There is not a lot of gore or slasher type scenes which worked well overall. I think it is a perfect film for Halloween season and I am pleased that the lead female character was portrayed as strong and never gave up. Too often in horror films woman are the…

  • Judy



    Renee Zellweger will probably get an Oscar nomination for this film. In some ways she did resemble older Judy Garland well, I was impressed by her singing but that was nothing new because I remember when I saw Chicago in the cinema and became a Renee fangirl. I am glad she is back making movies where she can showcase her actual talent, although I’m not really a fan of her now her performance is Judy was incredible. 
    The film itself…

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  • Elisa & Marcela

    Elisa & Marcela


    Elisa & Marcela, is really a beautifully done black and white film by Isabel Coixet based on the true story about the love between two woman, and actually the first same-sex marriage in Spain. I simply adored how Isabel captured the atmosphere throughout the film and in my opinion has stunning cinematography. Just the amount that these woman had to go through in this film to stay with each other, and just how it feels to be in love - it…

  • On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond


    "you old poop" -- lines I live for when Katharine Hepburn says them.

    I absolutely loved this film, it made me laugh, made me teary. What I enjoyed the most about this film that resonates with so many people is the relationship between Henry Fonda's and Katharine Hepburn's character. This is a type of love that anyone would be lucky to have. Not only does this film touch on human connections between spouses growing old together but also between a…