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  • April and the Extraordinary World

    April and the Extraordinary World


    After Napoleon III dies in a tragic scientific accident a mysterious organization begins kidnapping the world's best scientific minds and stalling out any sort of progress. April and the Extraordinary World lives in an alternate steampunk universe that is wondrously designed and gorgeous to look at.

    After her parents invent a serum that will make humans invincible and then are subsequently killed in an accident created by government agents looking to use the serum to make super soldiers, April spends…

  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    Brutally violent in the best sort of way. Deceptively simple plot. Filmed like a high quality 70s grindhouse prison flick. Vince Vaughan gives the performance of his career.

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  • The Mirror Crack'd

    The Mirror Crack'd


    It begins with an ending that you've come to expect from an Agatha Christie movie. An eccentric group of odd balls are assorted in a drawing room while a man rolls out the solution to the murder. It could have been anyone there, you see, as they all had their motives. Its a fun little scene of the sort that you've seen played out a million time if you like this sort of murder mystery. Then the film of this…

  • Swiss Family Robinson

    Swiss Family Robinson


    Had not seen this since I was a kid, watched it with my daughter. She loved it. I thought, well, its not really a good movie. Plot-wise it makes little since and the time line is squishy. Its well enough made, but a very light family adventure. But it is fun, and it does do exactly what it was made to do - delight little kids. Its full of adventures and cool tree houses and exotic animals. So you can't really fault it for being what it intends to be. But its not something I'd watch on my own anymore.