Midsommar ★★★★½

Midsommar is such a fantastic and disturbing film that I loved. Definitely see audiences being more divided on it but man does it work. The lead performances, cinematography, and score all stand out to make what is one of the best movies so far this year. As with Hereditary (one of my favorites of 2018), Midsommar deals with grief, mental health, and relationships in a really interesting way. 

The premise is a bit weird and I don’t really know how to describe the plot, but this is a movie that’s slow burning and worth the ending. There’s a lot to take away from this movie in terms of messages and what it might be trying to say, making this great for a rewatch (tho warning it does feel a bit long). All in all though, Aster created a wonderful aesthetic for this film and has given us scenes that are even more chilling than the car ride scene in Hereditary. This movie didn’t scare me nearly as much, but it’s wildly disturbing, captivating, and even a bit funny. Audiences will hate this, but it’s one of the best movies of the year so far.

90/100 (might raise score on rewatch)

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