Tenet ★★★

Christopher Nolan please I’m begging you make a movie I can understand on my first viewing. The action is the best part imo the inverted time sequences are so cool and fun to watch. The fight choreography looked dope, but I’ll be honest did not understand a lot of the plot and the dialogue was super hard to hear during some of it and in other parts (namely when there was shooting/explosions) the sound was super loud. Bad sound mixing I think but like I said: fun to watch, just hard to follow and I don’t think we can just say Christopher Nolan is a genius like does the plot make sense? Maybe when I rewatch it/read more stuff explaining it but idk not fully satisfied with all of it. Also I think some of the dialogue is trying so hard to sound smart with all the weird explanations of time and paradoxes and it’s just weird to me. Not bad, just not fully satisfying to experience. Worth watching on a big screen for the awesome stunts, action, and the awesome cinematography? Yes. Though I should note I was hesitant to see this in a theater and saw it on a random Wednesday because it was the only way to see it in a big theater with literally 2 other people. So, worth watching for sure but y’all be safe if you see this in a big theater pls. 

Now onto John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, and Robert Pattinson: all excellent here. Love all of them and I have no clue what the Oscars will look like this year, so wouldn’t complain if any of them got acting noms. But all in all, liked this movie, but Nolan has made fat better films in general and far better films about time. Fun? Yes. Nolan’s best? Nahhhh.

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