The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

'i am in a quandary... and you are my dearest one. i do not know whether to speak of it.
what is it?
i'm not sure.
oh, i don't like this. you'll lodge this unknowable thing in my brain, and it will eat me with horrible possibilities.'

one of my all time favorites, this time Lanthimos creates a tragicomedy, and yet another deeply satiric piece. this film is very god damn perfect, just like most of his other films. perhaps this one is his most accessible film. doesn't matter. this film rules. the cast is awesome, Olivia and Rachel and Emma are all specially astonishing. direction is perfect, just like all his other films - he's such a master - and the Davis and McNamara script is so rich and fun and beautiful and simply brilliant. everything else is also very on point.

i feel like this review really sucks but i cant really put into words how brilliant this masterpiece is

do not miss this. do not miss any of Yorgos Lanthimos' films really. can not decide what Yorgos film is my favorite. my Favourite

also, Yorgos is for sure on my top 4/5 favoUrite directors ever

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