Ratatouille ★★★★★

Raturday Festival: Film 8/8
I will be spending my Saturday marathoning 9 rodent themed movies to determine what comprises the ideal "Rat Film” once and for all 

When I first started planning Raturday, I looked up a list of rat movies and was appalled to find the 3rd Harry Potter movie listed in the top 10. Sure the rat is a plot point, but there’s no way a Harry Potter film could ever be a “rat film.” 

Now I finally see what that list was saying. By the very nature of including a rat, the movie becomes the synthesis of all that is rodent and man. I would go so far as to say that it’s possible every single movie, regardless of if there’s rodent screen time, can be a “rat film.” If there’s anything this day and 15 hours of rat content has taught me, it’s that we are more alike than different. If “rat movies” can be about inherintly human driven conflict, then human stories are rat stories as well. 

Phantom Thread? That’s a rat film. Gone Girl? Definitely about rodent separation anxiety. The big lebowski? Never seen it, but it belongs to the rats now. 

What is it about the mighty rat that beckons the young heart to sympathize for his little woes? Why is it so enticing to project all our vulnerabilities onto these tiny frames?
Is it, praytell, that we think ourselves small

i am so tired

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