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  • Poltergeist



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    classic chills from Steven Spielberg and, surprisingly for me, Tobe Hooper! i never knew that Hooper had directed this film! anyways, great, creepy entertainment, from the immortal "They're here..." straight through to the rollicking climax that kicks in just when you thought the poor family are safe. a couple of the effects are a little dated nowadays but certainly don't detract from the film; there are still plenty of great, jumpy moments to be had throughout and that last segment especially is cracking. great flick!

  • May



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    curious little horror flick! there's a great performance from Angela Bettis as the sweet yet freaky protagonist whose awkward social behaviour initially comes across as endearing, until she starts to take things a little too far. it's a shame really as at first it seems that she has met her match with horror buff Jeremy Sisto, but it turns out she has some rather deep-seated problems and a pretty tale of boy-meets-girl takes on a decidely twisted edge. you know it's coming though as 'May' literally begins to crack up and her dodgy fetishes begin to take over before the macabre finale. not bad!

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  • Predator



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    aye, that's cool. another of my faves from when i was a kid and it doesn't disappoint years later. the build-up is excellent; super tense within that ace jungle setting and full of cool scenes. it's the last half hour or so though that really kicks things into gear when you realise that Arnie is up against the ultimate hunter and the showdown between him and eponymous 'Predator' begins; your fingers don't stop gripping the arm of the sofa until…

  • The People Under the Stairs

    The People Under the Stairs


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    entertaining early 90's curiosity from Wes Craven. the film is notable for its great performances from the cast, with a special mention to 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' enthusiastically played by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie. their gleefully manic performances bring twists of black humour into what is otherwise a dark and creepy story. the setting is ace as well with 'Fool' crawling between the walls of the mazy old house while 'Daddy' shotguns the shit out of the place dressed in his gimp suit. good stuff!