A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood ★★★

Shot well, somewhat interesting story, and pretty inconsistent. A bit tonally wild and sometimes a bit creepy. Hanks didn't do bad as Mister Rogers, but it does occasionally feel odd and forced. I'm surprised he's the one out of the two of them who is getting awards recognition. I thought Matt Rhys was really great in this.

Part of the problem was the marketing. Rogers (Hanks) is the only person ever shown on the posters and he's heavily focused on in the trailers, but the story is about Vogel (Rhys). So you're selling the movie on the idea that it's about this inherently likable and interesting guy, when really it's about this journalist who's kind of an asshole. I think the reception would have been a bit better if that had been better explained.

Overall I definitely don't regret having seen it, and for me Rhys' performance is worth the watch alone. I don't know that I'll ever see this one again though.