Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) ★★★½

Plenty of girl, not enough gang.

There's plenty to like about Birds of Prey, top of the list being Margot as Harley Quinn. Once again she proves that this is the role she was born to play and totally carries the movie. Next to her, Ewan McGregor was a delightful if not radically underused asset. The movie as a whole is a lot of fun with some big set pieces and bombastic action all colored by Harley's silliness.

That said I think the script could have used one more draft, not necessarily for dialog, but for structure and pacing. I don't feel like the story flowed very well and it really kept all the 'Birds' apart for too long. By the time they do get together it's kind of by chance and near the end. I was kinda hoping it'd be like an Ocean's 8 'plan a heist' kind of thing, but their working together is very happenstance and less intentional than I was expecting.

If you go into this wanting to have fun you definitely will. It further proves that it will always be a joy to hang out with Margot as Harley. Not to mention that Matty Libatique killed it behind the camera, as usual. Give it a shot.