Gretel & Hansel ★★★

Didn't love it, but not much about it that I actively disliked. The one thing I didn't like were the 'walking' shots which seemed to attach the camera directly to the actors. It was very jarring and not really done consistently enough to count as an aesthetic choice.

Otherwise though I found the movie pretty enjoyable. The cinematography was solid and coupled with the production design really set an interesting mood. Not the kind of mood that makes you feel just gross, but just puts you off. The feel along with the wide as heel camera angles makes it feel very immersive. It really draws you in.

The story is pretty scant, but what it does have it executes well. I don't have a ton to say about it actually. It's a story about a woman taking agency over herself and realizing her own power. A fitting message in today's day and age. It's not what you'd expect out of a modern low budget horror movie. It's definitely paced slowly, some might call it boring, and there aren't really any big scares. It's kind of a tone poem. The trailer kind of conveys a spookfest, but as long as you go in expecting something closer to the VVITCH than IT you'll probably find something to like about it.

It does feel like it cost $5 million to make, but not in a bad way. Just in that it's very focused, uses few actors and fewer sets, and has a pretty still look, meaning they didn't spend a lot of money on cranes and a big camera team. It's a medium movie, but for a January drop it's pretty excellent. It's the type of movie I think people should watch more often actually. Go see a movie that didn't cost $300 million to make so more of them get made.

Edit: I will see Sophia Lillis in a January drop to make sure she knows we support her and want her to keep making movies.