To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ★★★

These movies are not made for me: I'm 35, male, and listen to a lot of black metal. That said, I found a lot to like about this sequel. First, the stuff I didn't jive with.

The story is fine. Feels a bit tropey and it's tonally inconsistent, but it's serviceable. Though I suppose the tone is meant to mimic the up and down feelings of a 16 year old girl, so maybe it's just lost on me. I also felt that the mentor, Stormy, could have had just a little more time developing her relationship with Lara Jean.

Now the good stuff. This feels like a great movie for the target audience of younger viewers, but for reasons you might not expect. Even though this is a "rom com", you can tell that the people who made this movie really cared about it. The production design is IMPECCABLE, providing a cohesive look to every scene through color and set deco. On top of that it is very well filmed. The shots are interesting and fun to look at, separating itself from many other generic movies in the genre that seem rushed so they can be shit out to cash in on a holiday theater rush. There's even a Spike Lee dolly shot in here. The movie's story may be a little corny, but it's a movie that was made with love and it puts these design and production elements on another level, which may get a younger audience thinking more about the art of filmmaking, which I love.

I think it's worth watching just for the style alone, but if you enjoyed the first one for the story I'm sure you'll be happy to be back in Lara Jean's world.