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  • Broken



    Evie (Morjana Alaoui of the original Martyrs film) longs to escape her troubled past and does so by becoming the live-in caretaker of tetraplegic former rock star John (Mel Raido) who brought this condition on himself on one drunken drug fuelled night. Understandably John struggles to cope with his condition and he often takes it out on Evie with plenty of verbal abuse. Making matters worse he attempts to continue his destructive rock star life style by having more drunken,…

  • It



    A remake of the popular two part miniseries in the early 90's as well as an adaption of the massive Stephen King novel, It is the story of a group of kids named the "Losers Club" who are bullied around and also run into an entity named Pennywise who seems to prey on and take the form of children's weaknesses. It has been a massive box office hit and has taken over The Exorcist as the highest grossing R-rated film…

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  • The Undertow

    The Undertow


    A group of six friends decide to travel to a small town to go on a float trip, but are immediately and constantly met with hatred from the townsfolk, but that doesn't stop them. This forces the townsfolk to send out "The Boy" to murder them all for not staying away from their town.

    With a full screen SD presentation The Undertow is definitely a low budget slasher, which is fine, but it suffers from the same flaws that many…

  • The Town that Dreaded Sundown

    The Town that Dreaded Sundown


    Acknowledging both the real life events and the 1976 film, The Town that Dreaded Sundown is a meta sequel that references both the real and filmed stories for an interesting premise. Now decades after the film the killer, or an imitator, returns to continue murdering the townsfolk once more.

    There are definitely some interesting shots in the film, nice, long and uncut, but at other times overly cut to speed up time. It is also very stylish, although arguably too…

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  • Beyond the Gates

    Beyond the Gates


    After the disappearance of their father two estranged brothers get together to clean out their father's old video store and stumble upon an old VHS board game from the 80's. It's not long before the brothers and a girlfriend discover that it may not just be a game, but something that has an effect on reality.

    Beyond the Gates is a great example of a film with an interesting premise that basically throws it away. A huge portion of this…

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


    Young Indy. Animal circus train. Stormy ship. Catacombs under a former church. Fan-tastic boat chase. Arguing with dad. Hidden trucks. Bad luck with good luck. Revolving fireplaces. Motorcycle chase. Autograph session with Hitler. Zeppelins and no ticket. Airplane dogfight. Skidding airplanes and killer seagulls. Valley gunfight and tank battle. The three trials and choosing poorly.

    After losing their way with The Temple of Doom, Spielberg and co realized what worked in the original and applied it to this great and…