Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★½

Despite how much I like many involved with this film, Escape from New York has never been one of my favourites. The concept of Manhattan Island as a prison and the empty alleys filled with long shadows sounds appealing, but in the end there's just not a huge amount going for this movie. It's almost too simple and possibly dragged down a bit by budget restraints. John Carpenter's theme is great and I like the score in general, but don't love it. I love Kurt Russell, but despite this being one of his most iconic roles it's far from one of my favourites. I found he always excelled when he was able to let more of his natural charisma shine through like in Big Trouble in Little China and more recently in The Christmas Chronicles. Lee Van Cleef, Charles Cyphers, Tom Atkins, Donald Pleasence, and Buck Flower all needed more screen time. Flower's scene is probably my favourite one in the entire movie.

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