Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★½

Opening with a pretty brutal scene of bullying, a gang of students torture and humiliate poor Marty (Simon Scuddamore) until it eventually goes terribly wrong and he is both physically and mentally scarred for life. Ten years later they return (looking identical to their highschooler selves) to a reunion at the school, and despite it having been closed for five years and locked up they break in anyways to find a room set up for them, which seems nice until they begin getting murdered. Is it Marty finally getting his revenge??

The answer is pretty obvious, but this is still a fun, cheap slasher with a 36 year old Caroline Munro playing a high school student, the worlds worst gym teacher (Marc Smith), a truly odd score from Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th) that somehow mixes together synth, electric guitars, and traditional strings and horns, and a theme song with lyrics that they use not once, not twice, but THREE times in the movie. The murders aren't particularly gory, but are pretty decent overall including a bout with some bad beer, a couple having an electrifying time in bed together, and somebody melting in a bath tub.

What kind of school has a bath tub in it anyways?? And how about that girls locker room that anybody walking by can CLEARLY look into. It's all a part of the charm as it obviously was filmed in some old institution that was never a school. It feels like they only just cleared up a hall and a room or two to film in, so you can almost play a drinking game for every time a character walks by that same hallway. It certainly makes the final chase a little grating when the same locations are recycled so often. Either way this is a pretty fun slasher that isn't quite among the best, but definitely worthwhile for fans of the sub-genre. Sadly Scuddamore ended up taking his own life around the time of shooting the film and its his only film role so it definitely gives this film a bit of an eerie feeling while viewing it and knowing the tragic ending for the actor.

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