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    It's definitely about ten minutes too long for what it is, and those ten minutes make it feel like two hours, and that's a problem. Some of its running gags, like Jeremy Renner's internal narration whenever the tagging gets going or Isla Fisher's aggressive streak, definitely get overused and feel stale by the end. The romantic competition subplot with Rashida Jones takes up too much time and never gets truly resolved in a satisfactory way; ditto Jake Johnson's terrible life…

  • American Made

    American Made


    The thing about Tom Cruise which people forget - in between all the "Tom Cruise will die making Mission Impossible films" hoopla and "he's a Scientologist and evil" criticism - is that he's honestly a pretty good actor, especially when he plays to his great strength, which are playing people who are a bit off-kilter - not a lot, just a bit. The ones who mostly have it under control, but sometimes it leaks out. I know this just sounds…

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  • Mr. Right

    Mr. Right


    While I was watching this movie I kept thinking "it's not straight-up bad, but man, this really feels like a first draft that nobody went back to revise" and then I got to the end and saw Max Landis wrote it and went ohhhhhhhhhhh okay.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    As Hollywood studio comedies go, it's harder to manage better than what GAME NIGHT achieves at this point. By this I mean that there's nothing terribly surprising about it - I mean, Jason Bateman at one point actively references how studio comedies like GAME NIGHT always throw in callbacks to the main characters' personal crises that run alongside the plot of the film to distract viewers from the fact that they're running that same formula again - but it's really…