Alice Through the Looking Glass ★★½

I wasn't expecting much from this, which was mostly intended to be a background watch while I got work done on a Saturday, but - it's honestly not bad. It's not great by any means, and not even on par with its predecessor, which was really only an okay flick - but it's watchable.

Mostly this is down to Mia Wasikowska, who is just really fun in the lead role (as she was in the first one) and admirably up to the task of being an action/fantasy lead. The film then improves on its predecessor by lowering the overall amount of time Johnny Depp spends on screen as the Mad Hatter (Depp's performance is easily the most aggravating thing about both movies), and replacing that screentime with Sacha Baron Cohen as Time, who is reasonably entertaining. So this is good. And the supporting performances, as they were in the first movie, are mostly fun, and the CGI characters not distracting, which is good.

Of course, the movie's plot is threadbare, an on-rails exercise in opportunities to do special effects with no real surprises worth mentioning, and that's a shame because both the ALICE movies are so explicitly and aggressively feminist in their outlook that one wishes they had a story as good as their politics are.

In conclusion: fuck Johnny Depp.