Bad Genius ★★★★

Here is what is bad about BAD GENIUS: the moral of the film doesn't really work for a story so obviously concerned with the politics of class; it basically has the exact wrong ending, because the movie spends literally all of its run time up until that point making it clear that the system is wildly corrupt in favour of rich people regardless of anything else, and our protagonist is poor, and... yeah. Also, the Evil Test Administrator is weird because he's got a heavy Eastern European accent while working in Sydney. Teeradon Supapunpinyo's performance as Pat occasionally gets a little showy and forced, although he's decent enough on the whole. Some of the jokes don't really land.

Here is what is good about BAD GENIUS: everything else. Excellent performances other than those mentioned across the board. Incredibly confident direction; this movie is consistently a visual thrill to watch and Nattawut Poonpiriya's direction is going to get a lot (a LOT) of comparisons to Edgar Wright. Consistently clever script that never patronizes and never disappoints (right until the aforementioned bad ending, which is the last five minutes of the film). A score that always serves to heighten the tensions of its story.

It's a movie about stealing test answers! It's the best caper film of 2017! What's happening?