Darkman ★★★½

It's aged surprisingly well for something that was, let's be honest, kind of a cheeseball artifact when it was first made; Sam Raimi indulges all his live-action-cartoon preferences in this movie, both in performance and in action direction, and that doesn't make it bad so much as amazingly over-the-top at times in a way which preserves it where a straightforward superhero action movie of the era would feel dated now.

Aside: anybody who tells you that Liam Neeson gives Darkman a "soulful inner life" or whatever when he literally has a scene where he dances around with a tinfoil hat on his head sing-screaming "I'm the freak, I'm the freak" though, those people are full of crap. Neeson's going full B-movie here, so is Frances McDormand and everybody else in this, and it's honestly pretty fun to watch. This isn't a movie with emotional layers, it's a movie where Liam Neeson runs cartoon-roadrunner-style across the top of a moving truck after a helicopter chase that would make Tom Cruise nod his head approvingly, and that is fine.