Game Night ★★★★

As Hollywood studio comedies go, it's harder to manage better than what GAME NIGHT achieves at this point. By this I mean that there's nothing terribly surprising about it - I mean, Jason Bateman at one point actively references how studio comedies like GAME NIGHT always throw in callbacks to the main characters' personal crises that run alongside the plot of the film to distract viewers from the fact that they're running that same formula again - but it's really well executed and really funny.

Mostly this is down to clever direction, some tremendously well-scripted gags, and above all the performances of Bateman and Rachel McAdams (who is a natural comedienne, and we haven't really gotten to see that from her, like, ever? Even when she's been in comedies she's mostly been the straight woman reacting to other people being funny, with the exception of MEAN GIRLS and that was about fifteen years ago, and in this film I think she gets most of the biggest laughs). Also, Jesse Plemons steals a whole bunch of scenes being creepy, and Kyle Chandler gets to play a hilarious scumbag and that's pretty good too.

Bottom line: there's nothing revolutionary here, but really well-made traditional studio comedies are getting rarer and rarer, so enjoy this one for what it is.