Get Out ★★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

It's very smart, and the twists are both well thought out and fairly surprising. (You go in thinking it's just about a slavery metaphor as a horror movie, and it surpasses that.) And it's really remarkably clever in so many little ways. (Think about this for a second: Chris frees himself towards the end literally by *picking cotton*. How great is that?)

It's extremely well cast - Daniel Kaluuya is a presence, you really can't get a WASPier couple than Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener, Stephen Root is darkly hilarious, Lil Rel Howery is just plain hilarious, and Allison Williams jumps from concerned loving girlfriend to blank-faced psychopath so effortlessly it only adds to her overall creep factor. The only misfire is Caleb Landry Jones, and I'm not sure if that's on the actor's choices or the direction, but he makes things that should be subversive too overt early on for my liking.

Also, it's got a tiny bit of a case of first-time-director-itis here. There are a few moments where Jordan Peele falls back on horror tropes for jump scares and meta-reactions from the audience, and the movie has plenty enough of the former and really doesn't need the latter because the humour from its social commentary is so much better. (Example: at one point midway through the film Georgina walks through the background of the frame, and it's accompanied by your standard horror movie violin-shriek. That shot would have been so much more effective without the violin.)

But it's really good and really smart and deserves all the kudos it's getting. This one is a must-see.