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This review may contain spoilers.

GOOD TIME was a difficult watch for me, for two distinct reasons.

Firstly, the cringe factor of watching Robert Pattinson's character simply fuck up more and more and more and more as the movie progressed is particularly intense, and that's the good sort of cringe, the cringe that comes from an intense, often funny and dark story about an amazing trashcan of a human being.

But it's also filmed in a way that's intensely aggravating to watch, a seemingly endless string of extreme close-ups on the characters' faces and handheld shake-action during the action sequences. I get that this was clearly purposeful and intended to heighten the anxiety in the viewer, and it works at doing that, but it doesn't make it less annoying to watch. I literally had to take breaks from this film because watching it was giving me a headache, and I have never had that happen to me in dozens of shake-action movies.

This is a shame because if it were easier to watch, for me this is pretty close to being a perfect movie. Like, this is a movie that has an incredibly tense kidnap/rescue scene as its centerpiece, and at the end it's revealed that Connie has rescued the WRONG GUY - that's brilliant scripting, Hitchcockian-level twist. Robert Pattinson's work as Connie is astounding; he knows he's a shit and he doesn't care because he's convinced himself that anything terrible he does can be justified so long as it's "for his brother," and his ability to improvise plans on the fly to avoid getting caught is just crazy impressive; you would think he was a genius, except he's so obviously a dumbass in so many other ways. The rest of the cast, while all excellent, is mostly there for Pattinson to bounce off of, with the exception of Buddy Duress' Ray, who is great too (a fuckup just like Connie, but even stupider and with no mentally handicapped brother to serve as justification for being a shit). Thoroughly excellent score, too.

It's just a shame about the camerawork choices, is all. I know some people will be able to handle them and give this movie five stars. I can't quite manage it.