I, Tonya ★★★★½

Probably the best black comedy of 2017 and unflinchingly honest about - well, about the dishonesty of its principals. Well, sort of. It's one of those kinds of movies.

Because the actual question of who masterminded the Nancy Kerrigan attack conspiracy can never truly be resolved (although come on, it was totally Jeff Gilooly and his idiot friends), the movie uses fourth-wall breaking and THE OFFICE-style interview cutaways to try to establish an atmosphere of plausible doubt, but this movie is firmly on Tonya Harding's side, and you know what? That's fine. She's an abuse victim multiple times over and it was obvious to me when I was watching the 1994 Olympics (and I was not an especially woke teenager) that there were a lot of figure skating people and media people generally who just thought she was trash, and that sucked.

Loaded with great performances, too. Margot Robbie is excellent. Alison Janney is downright chilling as Tonya's mother - a purely spiteful person with no redeeming qualities. Sebastian Stan gives the best performance I've ever seen from him in this, really capturing the abuser dynamic of charm/violence perfectly. And big ups to Paul Walter Hauser, whose performance as Shawn Eckardt is probably the single funniest comedic performance of 2017; he makes individual words funny, let alone whole phrases or complete scenes. It's hard to believe this idiot is based on a real person (also plainly an idiot), but he is.

Knocking off half a star because the CGI pasting-on of Robbie's face onto a skater double for the skate sequences is frankly kind of distracting. But other than that this movie is flawless as a [INSERT FIGURE SKATING METAPHOR].