Ibiza ★½

A stunning misfire, which is a shame because there's the bones of a decent enough girls-go-rough comedy a la Girls Trip or The Sweetest Thing in there, and just enough good jokes that they knew this to be the case, but:

- literally fifteen minutes of this 94-minute film is simply the characters dancing to EDM and various scenes of club action, which is extravagant and wasteful in the extreme

- Vanessa Bayer and Phoebe Robinson get some good jokes, but their characters are massively unlikeable on practically every level

- Gillian Jacobs and Richard Madden have excellent chemistry, but the plot forces them together in a way that feels forced and unnatural

- the lengthy series of disreputable Spaniards in this film feels vaguely bigoted

- way, way too many instances of a character saying "this is obviously an unwise thing for us to be doing" and then they do it anyway and nothing bad happens

- the conclusion completely makes all of the tension for Jacobs' character which has been propelling the whole movie, such as it has done, utterly worthless; it undoes the film completely and makes most of the plot pointless

Just... wow. Everybody in the film deserves to be in a better one, and that's all that can really be said for it.