iBoy ★★

There's some really compelling visuals in iBOY, and some good performances too: Maisie Williams is predictably excellent, and Rory Kinnear is such a good villain (and then I found out he won an Olivier for his performance of Iago in OTHELLO and it all came together). Like, the idea of "your brain becomes a smartphone" is a really good one!

Unfortunately, the idea of using a rape as a driving plot device basically hamstrings the movie less than ten minutes in and keeps what could have been a fun grimy superhero flick into a depressing slog, and then there's a lot of bad plot developments (why does his best friend betray him again? Yeeeeesh) and the superpowers are so ill-defined by the end that iBoy is basically, like, firing electrical bolts with his brain, which I am pretty sure a smartphone can't do unless there's an app I don't know about.

Also Miranda Richardson was not supposed to get old, dammit.