Keeping Up with the Joneses ½

This is genuinely one of the worst films I have seen in years. One of those ones where you fire it up on Netflix while you're working on something else and you need something inoffensive in the background, but you end up watching it more intently than you expected because it's simply that terrible.

It's a colossal misfire on every possible level, considering that you have four actors who are all naturally excellent at connecting with an audience in your lead roles and not a one of them even gets to deliver a good line in a way that isn't actively unpleasant. This is an action comedy where the action is lackluster and the comedy is worse.

As a side bonus, the plot is both amazingly dumb and predictable while offering absolutely no character progression for any of the four principals, all of whom have the depth of cardboard standees.

They spent forty fucking million fucking dollars on this! What the fucking fuck!