Rear Window ★★★★★

Always my favorite of Hitchcock's films, all the moreso because it succeeds despite being on what is more obviously a constructed set than any of Hitchcock's other films. Seriously, that backdrop almost makes the whole thing look like a stage play, but ten minutes into the movie and you utterly forget that - that's the power of Hitchcock's narrative.

Jimmy Stewart's LB Jeffries is the best of Hitchcock protagonists, precisely because he's doing the everyman schtick that he does so well (and which was sort of lacking in VERTIGO, if only because in that he was kind of insane on multiple levels), and Hitchcock plots work best when it's a normal person thrust into a terrible situation.

And Grace Kelly was always the greatest of Hitchcock's actresses - in large part because she was the one he could not intimidate into submission - and this is the best of the three movies they made together, with the best of the three roles for her. She is simply fierce in this.

Still a treat all these years later.