The Hate U Give ★★★★

At times it can get just a little sermon-y when one character is explaining to another the nature of, say, the socioeconomic trap of white supremacy that has shoved black people in the poor neighborhood into crime. And the ending is a little too pat and wraps up too many story threads, which normally I like in a flick but most movies aren't about difficult-to-fix social phenomena, so it doesn't really feel germane here.

All of that said: it has excellent performances across the board, but particularly some powerhouse wrecking-ball ones from Amandla Stenberg and Russell Hornsby (who really, really deserves a Best Supporting Actor nod this year at some awards ceremony at least). KJ Apa never stops feeling like Archie Andrews (Non-Redhead Edition), though. And it matters, because it's about something awful and it doesn't flinch from the awfulness of what it is about. The shooting scene in particular is remarkable for that.

Really good and timely movie here. Seek it out while you can.