The Package ★★★

I always like to look at other reviews on Letterboxd before I write my reviews, and this one gets a whole lot of "I am ashamed that I laughed at this" two-star reviews, and all you people can get over yourselves. Because this movie is really very funny, and while the central premise is lowbrow and stupid (a kid accidentally cuts off his own dick, and his friends have to go through misadventures to get his dick back to him so it can be surgically re-attached), the execution of that premise is honestly pretty smart.

Comparisons to Blockers are probably inevitable because Geraldine Viswanathan stars in both movies (she plays John Cena's daughter in Blockers) and because she is really, really good at this type of comedy: she can deliver a line like "is that you? Are you the Fuck King?" and it works and it's funny and it's completely believable. She's grounded and natural and makes the entire movie better. None of the other performances are bad, but she's a cut above the rest of them.

It's not as good as Blockers is, to be sure - sometimes the comedy gets a little frantic and desperate and forced (particularly during one of the hospital sequences), there's a secondary subplot about two characters hooking up that feels a little obligatory, and Blockers just felt more inspired and original because it put its female characters forward as the primary face of the movie where this one clearly has a male lead protagonist (who is fine, don't get me wrong).

But it's still pretty good. I laughed a lot at it, because good dick jokes are funny, and this movie has a lot of good dick jokes in it.