Upgrade ★★★★

Other than admiring how Logan Marshall-Green incorporates his acting skill into his movements to make you see when it's his character in control of his body and when it clearly isn't, I don't have that much to say about this movie? It's just a really good indie sci-fi flick with a touch of body horror.

"Indie," of course, means that there are a few caveats. Every so often a bit of dialogue falls flat. Some of the acting is... less than ideal at times (money can't buy everything, but it sure can buy acting talent - there's a reason shitty movies like Assassin's Creed shell out for Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson, they can make shit dialogue and stupid plot seem at least momentarily reasonable). You can occasionally see where the budget ran out - sure are a lot of older cars on the streets in this near-future story where self-driving automated cars are a big deal - and most of the film's gore is really kind of needless and feels like somebody at Blumhouse couldn't get away from their shitty indie-horror roots which permeate half of the films they produce.

But these are quibbles of the sort where you discuss why the film is an A-minus rather than an A. It's mostly smart, fun, visceral filmmaking, and worth seeking out.