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  • The Wedding Year

  • Our Family Wedding

  • Kelce

  • Pretty Woman

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  • Our Family Wedding

    Our Family Wedding

    Possibly the most obnoxious comedy ever made

  • Baggage Claim

    Baggage Claim

    My sister gets married in less than 2 months and I’m her Man of Honor. Watched Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted over like 3 bottles of wine at the AirBnB after sending the rest of the crew to some local bars during the final evening of the bachelorette party last weekend, figured I should reset with legitimate wedding fodder. I haven’t even watched Wedding Crashers or My Big Fat Greek Wedding before! Lots of work to be done.

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  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Got hyped when I saw Netflix had over 80 original movies planned for 2018, but unfortunately they are back on their bullshit stronger than ever.

    It is stunning that it’s even possible to make such an incomprehensible movie. No plot line is completed by the end of the film and there are characters who are there for literally just giving someone a paycheck. The story is nothing, literally there is no story.

  • Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

    Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star


    Brick Wall
    Water Fall
    Dickie thinks he got it all
    And he don't
    But I do
    So boom with that attitude 
    Captain Crunch
    And I got something you can't touch
    Bang Bang 
    Choo Choo Train
    Wind me up I do my thing
    No Reese's Pieces
    Mess with me I mess you up