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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Carey Mulligan if you read this I’m free Monday so you can spit in my coffee and we’ll destroy rapist’s lives together. Please respond to this, spit in my coffee, and we’ll destroy rapist’s lives together on Monday when I’m free.

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  • Moxie


    Rell skates a bunch so we’ve watched a ton of skate videos these past 3 months all leading to him convincing me to buy my first skateboard like 2 weeks ago on national skate shop day (I fell a bunch on lesson 3 (all on my left arm) so I took a week off but me being clumsy dumbass is beside the point of this review) so seeing Nico, a king on a board who constantly shows up in our skate videos, playing a very cute love interest was a delight!

  • WandaVision


    Theorizing all the places they could take this show with my friends for the past two months just to have marvel do the easiest ending ever ✨💕

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  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Got hyped when I saw Netflix had over 80 original movies planned for 2018, but unfortunately they are back on their bullshit stronger than ever.

    It is stunning that it’s even possible to make such an incomprehensible movie. No plot line is completed by the end of the film and there are characters who are there for literally just giving someone a paycheck. The story is nothing, literally there is no story.

  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Y’all please remember this review when this movie gets wide released and we all rewatch it three times in a week and we all tell all of our friends to go see this because it is an absolute fever dream of a summer movie experience.

    Let me spill on the “summer movie” aspect I mentioned. I earnestly believe if you sat down and watched this movie with some Kool-Aid Jammers and maybe some drugs while wearing your favorite tee and…