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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    i don’t really get the hype. the first half was very entertaining and the first time they performed shallow was probably the best scene of the movie. it slowed down in the 2nd half dragging issues of fame, jealousy and drugs that’s been told in thousand of other movies, and in better ways. bradley cooper’s character had no development whatsoever and the ending was predictable. lady gaga slightly surprised me but she definetely did not deserve the oscar nomination. this was average at best but had some good music and cinematography.

  • Tenet



    a masterpiece. this is my pick for 2020’s best movie but i know it’s not the type that the academy will give credit for. it uses the concept of time reminsicent of nolan’s other works but combined themes from “arrival” of the present being the past plus “the matrix” with the cyanide pill. it was pretty complex to understand and used a lot of dialogue especially in the first half, the score and scenery helped aid this. the action scenes…

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  • Arrival



    wow just wow. i found the pacing of this movie kinda slow but it’s all gonna be worth it in the end. the level of mindfuck i got from this film compares to movies like inception, mulholland drive etc. this is the type of movie that will only get better with time and i’m confident it will be constantly dissected in film classes. always been an amy adams fan and she gives her best performance here.

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    an incredible tale of friendship! i never gave this a shot since i just thought it would be some road movie but it was all that and more. It was funny, exciting and clever. it had some great shots of the grand canyons and you almost felt like you were part of their adventure. the last 30 minutes or so was completely different from the vibe of the whole movie, and i was left stunned in a good way. the…