Captain Marvel ★★★★½

“I've been fighting with one hand tied behind my back. What happens when I'm finally set free?”

I know some people will judge me for giving this film such a high star review, but I don’t care. I watched this with my mom, dad and little brother. My little brother was annoyed before we went to see the film because he didn’t want to see a girl superhero film and my dad said the same thing. After the film though, my dad still had the same reaction, but my little brother could not stop talking about how badass the girl was and how cool she was. I also got really happy because there was just a bunch of girls telling their parents how they want to be a superhero. I know this isn’t the first female led superhero film, but girls being able to watch films that represent them is so amazing.

Now, I’ll talk about the film. From a lot of the reviews I was reading I was kind of losing hype for this film. Every review talked about how basic it was and how boring and uninteresting it was, but it was far from that for me. The first ten minutes were a bit slow to me, but after that I thought the film was I just a fun and wild ride.The humor, characters, music, relationships, villain and story were all actually pretty great. One of my favorite things in this film would probably have to be the friendships between Carol and Furry and Carol and Maria. Those friendships at least for me were all the heart of the film. They provided humor and tender moments that were just so great. 

As much as I loved this film though there was one thing I kind of disliked and that was the skrulls. I’m kind of mixed on how I actually feel about the inclusion of Skrulls. I really liked the story that came along with the inclusion of the skrulls, but I was hoping that they would have taken a different role in the film. Overall, Captain Marvel was a fun and wonderful film with an amazing character played by the awesome Brie Larson.

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