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  • Land of Storms

    Land of Storms

    I'm not gonna even rate this shit.

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Call me ignorant if you want, but I don't see where this is a good movie. Blade Runner must be one of the most boring sci-fi movies in the history of cinema and even though visually everything was very pleasing, the plot was weak and lazy. What a disappointment!

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  • La Vie en Rose

    La Vie en Rose


    There's no way to explain how much I loved this movie. Every single thing about it is tremendously beautiful and Marion was at her best. Truly unforgettable and heartbreaking.

  • Her



    Wow. This movie is a grower. Every time I think about Samantha's and Theo love story I just love it even more, and that's the main reason why I watched this again.
    Joaquin Phoenix deserves all the praise he gets... And even some more. One of the most beautiful movies I've seen, not only in story levels but also in aesthetics. Truly beautiful.

    The past is just a story we tell ourselves.