Article 15 ★★★½

There are a lot of problematic aspects in Article 15 but more importantly, it is the only mainstream Bollywood film at least trying to look at caste based violence which is rampant in India. There's many things that it could have done better but I commend this movie for taking an empathetic look at violence and suffering borne by Dalit people in India. It does not offer a solution, nor does it give you any hope that things will get better. But it at least opened the eyes of privileged Indians (me included) to the atrocities that are committed in the name of caste. I'm not saying that people don't already know about this, but the movie does a very well job in showing just how deep rooted these problems are in the Indian culture.

Is this film perfect or completely free or castiest biases? No. Is this film a must watch for Uber privileged Indians? Absolute yes.

Additional points for excellent acting, a brilliant score and surprisingly good cinematography.