Stalker ★★★★

A journey, a road trip, and a failure.

I don't have anything profound to say. The film wasn't dull, nor was it boring. But it's certainly something that the first thought about it is almost defending it from something it isn't.

I hate philosophy. But I liked the interplay here between the three. Maybe I just need my philosophy to be spoken in nature by eastern European louses? Or maybe must philosophy is bullshit and the truthful ones like here I enjoy a lot.

The camera work and cinematography was top notch. Frankly, they were the two stars of the film. When you think about it, the director took 3 hobos to some shit hole abandoned town and, along with a camera, produced something that's considered one of the best films in cinema.

Although it doesn't matter, I would have liked the film to touch on why the government doesn't particularly care about stopping people from going into the naughty place and why they don't just jail the Stalkers. Getting in was laughably easy, and everyone seems to know that the louse is the Stalker, including his wife's mother. I would have liked some sort of philosophical tie in rather than having to believe the entire outside of The Zone is so we'll guarded and so poorly guarded at the same time ... Or budgetary constraints.

The end with the daughter didn't really matter either even though it was neato. We understood by that point what she was so it just felt a bit cheap. If it were made now we'd get a sequel starring Anna Taylor-Joy as the girl a decade later, which Hell I'm still down for now.

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