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  • The Shaggy D.A.

    The Shaggy D.A.


    I got to see a dog punch a man in the face

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Did you know that Rian Johnson is an excellent director? He certainly does. Knives Out is his most indulgent work yet. I love watching movies like this where the joy found in its making is apparent on all the actors' faces, but everyone's a little too pleased with themselves to notice that their characters aren't as developed as they might have us believe, nor are the twists and turns as clever as Daniel Craig's narrowed eye sneer might indicate. Still, I will readily confess that Knives Out is a ton of fun.

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  • Us



    Seeing Us wasn’t scary. In a house packed with college students, it’s a testament to the abilities of Peele and Monkeypaw Productions that I was drawn in at all. When I saw Get Out in theaters, the sheer euphoria of the final act had everyone on their feet. But it worked for that film because of our low expectations. Our joy came partly from our delight as Chris fought his way out of that basement, but for me at least,…

  • Cube



    This movie screams to be shown on cable TV late at night, so it was perfectly suited for my nostalgia. Just the right amount of camp and pontification. I miss finding movies like this while channel surfing.