The Brothers Solomon

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This review may contain spoilers.

[ALL ON SKY BANNER] hi, my name is john and i'm his brother dean. hi. we've got a little situation here and boy, could we use your help. how can you help? well, sit back and relax we're about to tell you. you can start by grabbing a pen and paper to write down some information. we'll give you a moment to grab that paper and pen ................................................. we are sorry if we didn't give you enough time to grab the necessary implements but we are under serious space constraints with this sky banner. we are looking for a woman named janine rice she is five foot eight, blonde-ish hair blue eyes. oh, that really narrows it down. fine, dean, then how would you describe her? well, she just looks like a normal, pretty american girl. oh, that's much better. anyway janine is eight and a half months pregnant with our baby. well fine, dean's. i have a problem with sperm motility, a subject dean likes to rub in my face. okay, let me get in here for a second, you make one little joke about a guy's infertility and suddenly you get the right to be labelled a jerk on a sky banner that could potentially be seen by fifty thousand people, that's fucking bull shit. dean none of that matters right now, what matters most is that janine sees this sign especially this part. so for those of you reading this, we need to ask you for just one more favour. just in case janine has her back turned or something and can't read the sign, it would really be a big help if we could get you to yell out "janine look in the sky!". janine, hopefully you're reading this right now, there's so much we need to tell you, we never meant to come between you and the baby. so we want you to keep the baby, but we want you to keep us too. maybe if we told you this in the first place you'd have never left, hopefully we're not too late. oh my god, john are you crying? no, i have something in my eye. anyways, please if you have any information we are offering a reward of five hundred doll hairs, just kidding, dollars. nice. thank you. you can reach us on our home telephone number which is area code 545-162-43 [..........] 56.