Possessor ★★★½

Brandon ain’t his father, but that’s not a fair comparison... David Cronenberg is one of the most intellectual and original auteurs out there, but intellectual this is not. There are many films that owe their lineage to Ghost In The Shell, but of that group, Possessor is on the less intellectual side of the scale. Its plot is essentially pulp, and the editing is relatively obvious, lending little ambiguity to the story. It’s focused more on showing you exactly what’s happening than it is on making you think about it.
But the film looks great. Most importantly, Brandon, like his pops, doesn’t shy away from shocking violence and this is really where it shines the most. Could have gone a bit further on this front and gotten me even more (as the most outrageously gory scene happens long before the climax) but all in all, it’s a well crafted piece.

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