Juno ★★★★½

You either love it or you hate it and I happen to love Juno. When I was 14 I followed it from production to promotion and I remember hoping my mom would let me go see it in theaters. (She did, probably because she read it as being pro-life). I was on the tail end of my Garden State Obession and this just hit every right note for me. I ate orange tic-tacs for this movie. I bought a hamburger phone for this movie. I wanted to be Juno. I've fallen asleep to it more times than I can count. Watching it now, I can easily see how someone could hate it. It's pretentious and twee and very, very white. I mean, one of the charters is named Liberty Bell McGuff. But it still holds up for me. Diablo Cody could have written some kickass young adult fiction novels if she wanted to.

Ugh I had so much faith in Jason Reitman WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU also Kimya Dawson was in the same deli as me one time and gurl if you are in Olympia, HMU!!!!

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