Another Round ★★★½

Leading up to the Academy Awards this season, "Another Round" a Danish production by Thomas Vinterberg; is deemed to be a strong contender for the majority of film fanatics. Yet being brutally honest; I couldn't get behind all these startling praises. Don't get me wrong, I got my own reasons as well!

You must accept yourself as fallible in order to love others and life - Søren Kierkegaard

Out of all names in the nomination list for this year's Oscars; this would be my less preferred pick. In no way, I'm asserting my adverse opinion that the film is bad. Matter of fact, It's pretty darn good. But there are certain things that require pressing consideration!

Whereas the story proceeds to unveil whatever damage caused by immoderate liquor consumption; it also ratifies the yearlong tradition in Denmark adjacent to the same matter. In all fairness; for an outlander like me, it is clearly hard to comprehend. Anyway, I get the feeling that somewhere in its transitions the underlying value of the key message slowly faded away.

Although it sheds light on multiple crucial perspectives such as life, family, friendship; yet it all appears to be incomplete for some odd reason. On the other hand, there are certain sequences volubly brandishing an absolute brilliance and there's no denying its infallible quality of being subtle and evocative; all at once.

Needless to say, other than its trivial shortcomings in the narrative; elsewhere, this has been quite a show worth beholding! Mainly apropos of the striking Cinematography; which quite frankly has exceeded all my expectations. And so did the poignant Score in the back.

Finally coming down to the heart & soul of this whole endeavor i.e. the Performances. Long story short, the entire cast did an amazing job! Whilst Mads Mikkelsen as Martin got the largest share of screen time over here; Others did all they could with their limited exposure. Must say, I would have loved to see them equally making viable contributions to the same cause.

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