Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

Adam McKay's 'Don't Look Up' is undeniably eccentric, unflinchingly contentious and unapologetically unconventional as well. Whether it be the clear satirical approach or the minute delineation of real-life predicaments; The film stays true to its pre-emptive notions and inducements! Based upon the very atrocities that we faced (and are still facing) during the stages of utter panic and total unrest.

Ever since the Pandemic took centre stage; we have encountered a myriad of odd hypotheses, been the witnesses of some bizarre and baseless conjectures, got involved in obtrusive lies that have been disgracefully endorsed by all kinds of people coming from different places and different positions. Be it the conspiracy theorists, greedy media houses, influential public figures or the self-centred politicians; we have had no shortage of uncorroborated 'Opinions' and speculative 'Judgments'.

Only a handful, namely the Scientists, the Researchers; especially the people who have directly or indirectly been associated with Medical Science and Patient Care, had understood the gravity of the situation but unfortunately, they have been bestowed with nothing but unfair criticisms and verbal abuses. The film does a great job setting up a likewise hypothetical scenario where our world is on the brink of extinction and attempts to foreshadow the said instances through Dark Comedy and Social Satire.

I was quite certain (and guess what? I was spot on with my predictions) that this film would create a clear divide amongst the audiences. Some will admire it for its sheer audacity, and others will loathe it for pretty much the same reasons! With me, I found myself leaning more towards the positive attributes yet by no means I'm saying this was perfect execution.

Oftentimes, Several plot points seem to defy rationality and logic, therefore, fostering further confusion and disbelief. The Screenplay belongs to a remarkably distinct style of filmmaking too (I'm sure, Adam McKay's loyal followers could shed some light); hence, I'm afraid, it wouldn't be able to satisfy everyone's taste either.

Thankfully, the performances will keep you entertained. DiCaprio, Lawrence, Meryl Streep; pretty much the entire ensemble has been quite insane. (You can't go wrong with that cast) As I see it, due to their indisputable credibility and talent, the whole narrative was able to express its views in a more competent and self-sustaining way.

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