Free Guy

Free Guy ★★★★

Right off the bat, I must admit; Free Guy is one of the best movies based on Simulation/Video Games that I have ever laid my eyes on! Truth be told, I wasn't anticipating anything from it; but man! Wasn't this one of those darn good surprises! Not perfect by any means, but an incredible demonstration nevertheless.

From the surface, this could easily be labeled as a movie meant for a younger audience; teenagers in particular. And you know what? that presumption itself, it's as wrong as it gets. Let me tell you, It's much more than a mainstream entertainer! Free Guy's core concept goes way deeper than you could realize. Believe it or not, the innuendoes of several social matters are pretty prominent here.

Even if we keep aside all the real-world propensities; the film offers a lot of other stuff to have a good time with. For instance, the visuals are indeed a pleasure to the sore eyes. Characters are well written, and more importantly; they do have substantial depths in each of them.

The cast is unprecedented, and so is everyone's performance here. Which by the way in my understanding is the driving force behind. To start with, Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds for the umpteenth time, but it never gets old. Frankly speaking, I can't dislike this 'Guy' (Pun intended). His pairing with Lil Rel Howery might have not come up as strong as they wanted it to, yet I relished the screentime they share.

Jodie Comer, Joe Keery work great together as this Video Game innovator duo, so does their friend Utkarsh. Taika Waititi might have overdone a bit in a few of his sequences, but hey I adored whatever that he has done. And that Channing Tatum Cameo though, that was some unexpected brilliance I must say.

Lastly, I will put it like this; it doesn't make a difference if you play games or not, the movie doesn't compel you to be a gamer to appreciate its nuances. This is literally for everyone. It embodies a beautiful message about Freedom, Love, and most importantly, how an artificial world could educate us on the way of living. Perhaps at times better than the world we currently live in.

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