Tenet ★★★

"Tenet" indubitably deals with a compelling concept. Dwelling in Time Reversal & Paradox theories; This will surely be an enticing yet too difficult of a watch. Reason? Some considerable issues plaguing the overall implementation!

We all like to believe we'd run into the burning building, but until we feel that heat, we can never know.

As an ardent follower of Nolan's ventures over the years, I must assert, "Tenet" is definitely not the strongest he delivered till date! If I draw comparisons with Inception, Interstellar; this one fall behind in terms of presentation! While I sincerely laud Nolan's righteousness in trying different subject matters with utmost responsibility; I couldn't help but point out their conspicuous drawbacks!

Keeping aside the negatives for a minute, shall we praise how technically well made this film is. Mr. Nolan has always been aberrant in regards to the technical side of his works. Visually its a stunner with van Hoytema's customary touch in adequate detailings. Few scenes are Choreographed adhering to Inverted Time theory! They look grotesque to say the least. Soundscore being surprisingly one of the focal points in here! A glaring absence of Hans Zimmer is tellingly filled by Ludwig Göransson; who has done a terrific work, no complaints whatsoever.

Performances are decent, yet nothing compare to what we already witnessed in Nolan's erstwhile projects. Characters lack depth, emotions; needlessly to say very unlikely of typical Nolan! Therefore, I was unable to root for anybody. For a Espionage thriller; it was imperative to do so. Screenplay is tedious, with inscrutable transitions taking place oftentimes; ultimately adding up to our destitute interpretations.

The intellection is undeniably purposeful but a vague elaboration on the same; sticks out like a sore thumb.

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