Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★½

"Thunder Force", a serviceable Superhero-Comedy at best; preferred to go with overstated farcical attributes. Still, in the meantime providing us a handful of laughs & chuckles. Yet all thanks to a rather mundane script; this Mellisa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer starrer couldn't save the day.

Typically, prior to watching a movie; I try to stay away from film community opinions. As I intend to go with a blank slate every time! To my dismay, as it got released on Netflix; a myriad of Reviews were starting to pile up. And I couldn't help but take a peek and notice how awfully upset the majority of the viewers are.

Frankly speaking; I don't quite get the animosity! Despite the fact that it severely lacks in multiple critical facets of filmmaking; from my personal standpoint, it had its heart in the right place! I mean, yeah it is certainly an underperformer but also a self-conscious endeavor; that knows better of its bounds and deficiencies. Trust me on this, I have seen worse!

Perhaps, the only inarguable silver lining in this entire execution would be the impressive chemistry between Lydia & Emily! Offering us fleeting moments of jollity & tenderness! Doesn't matter what people say; personally, I find both of them to be very capable and extremely talented!

Finally, I just wanna say; do not go with any expectations. Strictly for a pastime, it would suffice! I might be the oddball here but on a serious note, I couldn't find a substantial reason for me to be too harsh on it.

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