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  • A Cinderella Story

    A Cinderella Story


    Totally absurd movie. I laughed a lot, but mostly because the movie made no sense. A mask is apparently enough to induce facial aphasia and it took me like 10 minutes to realize no one could recognize Hillary Duff at the party. The stepmother and sisters are cartoons and are actually kind of funny in a grotesque way. Chad Michael Murray playing a pensive, misunderstood jock who breezes into Princeton is perhaps the most unbelievable part of the movie.


  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    watched escape from ny for like the 4th time last night and it's almost a perfect movie. the only thing i think could've been better was playing up the absurdity of the duke's people even more

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  • Dunkirk



    I'm not going to say I liked the film because it seemed pretty standard in terms of a prestige picture, but I appreciated how it subverted traditional expectations of an early-mid 20th century war film. Not character-based, we don't see a humanized enemy, the film is about escaping not actual battle, and really the 'good guys' lose. Sound design was excellent.

    I guess the narrative structure was 'cute,' but unnecessary. We get it, you made Memento.

  • The Night I Swam

    The Night I Swam


    This felt like an illustrated children's adventure book brought to life. A little boy who never gets to see his father decides to search through snowy northern Japan for him, getting lost and mercifully returned along the way. No dialogue in this short film, but it doesn't need any..