Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★

dom's delusion that he is the patriarch of this "family" is so absurd that it's become a running joke to me. fast five is when justin lin has the series finally evolve into what it is today: dumb big budget action adventure that sees him take the mantle from bay. the train heist sequence is super fun and silly and set the tone immediately, while the pièce de resistance needs to be seen to be believed. i don't even care that they acquired the strongest steel cable ever made and didn't absolutely murder everyone in downtown rio with a 6 ton titanium vault, it was so stupid that i loved it.

with that said, the actual driving choreography is sadly fairly boring. if you're here for racing, take the exit ramp because they don't even bother to pay lip service (why not show how they win the porsche???). the lone race with the cop cars is so poorly staged that it commits the worst sin of the fast franchise: it lost my interest.

i am also wondering if the rock had it written into his contract that he must be glistening with sweat in every scene. it must be.

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