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  • Plaga zombie: Zona mutante

    Plaga zombie: Zona mutante


    If Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson had gotten together with Alan Ormsby in Argentinia, smoked a LOT of weed, and wanted to make a zombie comedy together, this would be it. Gory, silly, odd, with a story that's kind of interesting

  • The Room

    The Room

    We want everyone involved in this-from the actors to the catering people-raped by Predators. Much like Birdemic, this is not funny, it is dangerous to film making. It is telling film makers that they don't even have to try anymore. They can be quite successful making total shit. This is wrong, and it is sad.

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  • Some Guy Who Kills People

    Some Guy Who Kills People


    We saw this last year. We interviewed the writer, the director, and star Barry Bostwick for our podcast. This is a smart genre mash up with characters you like, some good gore, and a hysterical performance from Bostwick. This must be seen.

  • The Taint

    The Taint

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Read a lot of good review for this thing. There are a lot of stupid people watching this. Dull, not funny. It's getting one star for the exploding penis montage at the end, which is certainly new.