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  • Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich


    I'm very late to this, but I have to say that this movie is as inventive and enjoyable as everyone says.

    The plot is terrific. It gets points for originality. I loved how it danced between humor and darkness.

    I really liked John Malkovich's performance here. He enters the movie late, and much of the time "he" is supposed to be controlled by someone else, but he comes to dominate the film.

    Charlie Sheen, however, gets the movie's best line. "Hot lesbian witches. Think about it."

    A terrific film.

  • Judgment at Nuremberg

    Judgment at Nuremberg


    I had always heard Stanley Kramer's films were ponderous. Then I watched "Inherit the Wind" and really liked it.

    With "Judgment at Nuremberg," I see where the accusation of ponderousness begins.

    Both films are about trials. In "Inherit the Wind," there is a back-and-forth between Tracy and March. Gene Kelly provides a cynical commentary on the action.

    That isn't really possible in "Judgment." There is no back-and-forth. Instead the movie goes from one big speech to another. Tracy seems tired…

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  • The Saphead

    The Saphead


    While Buster Keaton is the star of "The Saphead," this isn't really a Keaton film. He didn't direct it.

    He plays a young man who takes the blame for something someone else did but saves the family honor nonetheless. This film was apparently based on a big Broadway success of the previous decade, and Keaton was shoehorned in.

    He does some nice physical humor in the big climax, but the movie has none of the flair Keaton brought to his…

  • Hilary and Jackie

    Hilary and Jackie


    This was a very moving and gripping movie about two sisters. Based on a true story, the film held me with its view of the ups and downs of a long-term sibling relationship from initial closeness, to rivalry, to final closeness again.

    Emily Watson is terrific as the more musically gifted sister, who suffers for her talent. Watson gives a very bold performance, making us watch uncomfortable situations.

    Rachel Griffiths is the more grounded sister, and she does a fine…